Grey's Lane / by Molly Patterson

We have been building homes in the Methow Valley for the past 15 years.  In addition to building homes we have owned and operated Glover Street Market in Twisp for the last six years.

We love living here.  We truly believe our Valley is the most wonderful place in the world to raise our three sons.  We see the opportunity for Twisp to be known as the best small town in America.  We see the whole valley this way, as the best small "towns" in America, from Peteros to Mazama.

We regularly hear from our friends who are schoolteachers, tradesmen and farmers, as well as from our amazing team of employees at Glover Street Market and The Patterson Company, that there is a shortage of quality housing in the Valley.  That they long for beautiful, well-crafted, environmentally minded homes of their own to raise their families or enjoy their retirement.

The six homes in Grey's Lane are for this community - for our friends and our employees, for the people who make our Methow community so wonderful.  After the two summers of fires, we feel blessed to have worked with amazing crews, tradesman, craftsmen and businesses to add a building project in the Methow together. 

We have been building people second homes in the Methow for so long, beautiful homes for wonderful people, yet we felt a calling to build in our community, in Twisp, for the entire valley.

Our mission is both to provide beautiful shelter, a place that people call home, and to feed and nourish our community.  We’re blessed to have the opportunity to do this through two businesses; Patterson Design Build and Glover Street Market.

We are proud to be employers in the Valley and dream of creating an economically thriving and vibrant culture in the Methow where everybody can afford homes, operate booming businesses and feel nourished with organic and locally grown food.

We know how hard it can be to make ends meet in a rural community.  We are on a mission to change that.  We know so many people here in the Methow who feel the same. The beauty of where we live is that we work together as a community, we suffer and celebrate together.  We truly built these homes in the spirit of the Methow and as a reflection of this amazing community.


The houses on Grey's Lane were designed as turn of the century homes to honor the integrity of Burgar Street and the current design of the homes in the City of Twisp. 

These are farm houses with all the modern amenities you dream of.

Handcrafted, radiant heat, highest quality materials sourced from Methow Valley businesses and tradesmen.

Quality homes are growing more and more expensive. We tried to strike a balance between cost and still maintain a quality that will last through generations.


Our vision was to create a neighborhood where residents can walk to the grocery store and parks, restaurants and rivers. A neighborhood where families can grow food together, where tables can be set up down the center of the street for potlucks, kids can ride their bikes and sugar bowls can be shared.

We know that Burgar Street is one of the best communities in Twisp and we believe it became better with the addition of this new neighborhood.

When you enter these home, you come through a stain glass and fir door into an open floor plan with the kitchen as the hearth and an island to gather around. You walk into a warm, traditional home, with gorgeous oak floors. Traditional trim, cabinets and colors fill the walls. We designed for light filled spaces, where sunlight warms the home with 170 windows throughout the project. Bedrooms are generous in size and bathrooms are comfortable with soaking tub, Kohler Fixtures and beautifully installed ceramic sinks and tile.

There’s radiant heat in the bathrooms and the houses are well insulated because we know how cold it gets in the winter and hot in the summer. These homes are made with durable materials that will survive the test of time.

There is a motto we live by and we have it hanging in the office at Glover Street Market: The bitter taste of cheapness lingers far longer than the sting of price.

These are not throw away homes, they will last for many generations to enjoy.


Designed for community, designed for sustainability, designed for a healthy lifestyle and designed to reduces the stress of living rural by being part of a neighborhood.